Rather than wait until I jump on a plane and move overseas to start my “travel blog”, it seemed like a good idea to start it now…

Although now I’ve started, I’m not sure what to write – it seems a bit contrived and I’ve not felt this awkward writing before. Ahh – I’m sure it will get easier as time goes on.

I’m sitting at work (having just confessed to my work-mate Ro that I’m not working, and won’t be for at least another ten minutes – she didn’t mind, and promised not to tell our bosses) pondering that three months is both very soon and not soon enough. I fly out on April 10 to begin my new life in London – it’s a safe option, I know the language (but not the accent), culturally it’s not overwhelming, but it’s far enough away to become acclimatised to new and different things.

The long term plan isn’t to stay in London – that’s more of a career based decision. But eventually I want to move somewhere else in Europe and live there for a while. I guess we’ll see what happens, there doesn’t seem much point in planning beyond my arrival at this point.

Back to the present. It’s my birthday tomorrow, which reminds me of a funny thing happened last night. I got asked for id at the Rosemount. I’m going to be god-damned 28 tomorrow (which is Black Friday by the way). There is no way I’m 17 years old – ARE YOU BLIND??!! It gets to a point where it’s no longer flattering to be asked for id, it’s actually offensive and aggravating.

Okay – this is becoming a long entry, so I’ll wrap it up. See, that wasn’t so bad, was it?