Since starting my own online journal I’ve become interested in reading other peoples journals.

It’s frustrating that there are other people who are so good and natural at “blogging”. I’m sure with a little more practice I’ll begin to feel less awkward – however I’m not sure my ramblings will ever be of interest to anyone except myself. Regardless, here I am, and I’m enjoying the experience…

Last night my friend Mandy and her partner Mike told me they might be travelling to London at the same time as I’m flying over. Which means I’ll arrive with friends, and get to know my surroundings and new digs with people I know and trust, and by the time I’m settled in, they’ll be going back home. It’ll be great to explore my new world with the people I love!

We’re also going to Greece for a week – the exotic isle of Mykonos! I’m looking forward to the golden sands, the bleached white buildings with flat rooves and blue windows, the potted plants with red gardenias, and the cocktails with unpronounceable names. What a way to start my first week in Europe – fly to London, hang for a few days and then fly to Greece – perfect!