Ever since I was little, my favourite thing has always been to go to the movies. Every opportunity I would take myself off with my friends and watch a film at Hoyts in the city. It was usually a bad teen flick, but the experience was the same – choosing the snacks before hand, giggling with friends while waiting for the lights to go down and the muzak plays, then the cinema gets darker and I get excited, the anticipation of being lost in a new and different world, not being distracted by day to day thoughts.

I’ve been known to cry at the end of films, not because the film is sad, but I don’t want to leave the cinema and enter the real world again.

All these years later I still feel the same way way, but now you can replace “choosing the snacks” with “making a picnic and bringing a bottle of wine”. I much prefer to sit outdoors – and like most Perthians, Somerville is my favourite outdoor theatre.

Nothing beats lying on blankets on the always-slightly-damp grass and chatting with friends for an hour, sipping on white wine gone warm. Throwing your spare jumpers and pillows on the cinema seats in a mark of reservation (I can’t imagine many places still existing where there is as much honour amongst a group of strangers as there is at Somerville), watching the sky through the pines as the blue gets darker and the pine tree canopy becomes a black silhouette.

Then the movie starts. The seats are uncomfortable (my personal tip is to fold your pillow over and wedge it at the bottom of the seat against the bar at your upper legs. I can go at least an hour in that position before getting uncomfortable). The wind rustles the trees and blows against (usually the left side of) your face. The heads in front of you take on the blue-yellow halo of the film, and it’s a perfect night all round!

I know I’m waxing lyrical a little about Perth at the moment, enjoying everything it has to offer. It’s so strange that I’ve decided to leave Perth to find something new, exciting, fulfilling, culturally experiential – and now I’ve become nostalgic about what Perth has to offer, and taking the time to write about it, remember it and sentimentalise about it! Maybe I’ll even miss it when I’m gone.