Sometimes I get so obsessed with a potential scenario, I can’t stop myself from playing it out inside my head.

I can do this to the point of getting inexplicably emotionally upset about a scenario that hasn’t even occurred – I can work myself into such a state; I’ve even been known to start crying.

You would think I would know better, and tell myself to “stop being silly” or “it’s just your imagination”, but it’s no use. I convince myself of some terrible outcome that’s definitely going to happen, and nothing can convince me otherwise.

You’d think I’d be disappointed when the terrible outcome doesn’t occur, but instead I can be quite smug about it and think, “Well at least I was prepared!”

Today I’m writing this entry in an attempt to not do something stupid – namely, writing a confronting letter to someone in an aggressive tone, simply because I’ve worked myself up to believing that the situation I’m addressing will end up badly, when there’s no evidence to suggest it will.

So my goal for this week is: Stop assuming the worst, stop imagining bad things, chill out and have a bit of faith!


The photo above is one taken by my dear friend Scott, of a Japanese Autumn. It seems a fitting image to start my self-proclaimed “day of calmness” with.