I lay in bed this morning, debating with myself the pros and cons of taking a sickie today. I’m not a lazy person – and I never take a day off if I’m not sick. My managers are really nice, and if you organise a “personal day” in advance they are usually pretty willing to give it to you.

But there I was – I’d spent the entire of the last week working day and night (bar the one evening I went to Somerville), and ahead of me was another week filled with working days and working nights. I’m a little worn out and lacklustre at the moment.

So I made myself a promise. I couldn’t stay in bed – I have too many meetings today and couldn’t justify missing them for a few more hours sleep.

Instead I’m going to do something for myself to help increase my energy levels so I can maintain this ridiculous amount of work… I’m detoxing!

As of today I’m having a few weeks of “no alcohol, no coffee, no sugary drinks, no bad rissoles from the Train Station Bakery, no late night meals to compensate for missing dinner, no pizza, no chips dripping with vinegar, no fast food of any variety”. I’m committing to a diet of fruit, vegetables, 2 litres of water a day, grilled fish (I’m not a big meat eater anyway – I usually only eat it in burgers when I’m drunk or hung over), anything that’s not dripping in fat or sugar.

I’m going to start taking my Spirulina and Vitamin B tablets that I paid a fortune for and never remember to take. I’m going to stop relying on the quick fix coffee and sugary doughnut to keep my going through the afternoon.

Big plans – with good intentions. This could be a long couple of weeks, but it could also possibly be the best thing I could do for myself. I’ll let you know how it turns out.