To my angels at work – my confidantes, my shoulders to cry on, my cheerleaders and the co-narrators of my life.

To the Petal, who sees me through good and bad times, and always knows when to buy me flowers.

To the woman who made me her friend against all odds, and has more respect from me than she’ll ever understand.

To She who phones from so far away, and always has the right words at hand.

To my family, both adopted and true, no words describe what you mean to me…

To my girls who stand behind me when I need to be strong, and stand around me when I need to fall.

To the man who persistently challenges me; my nemesis and my friend.

To the ex lover who knows me better than he knows himself, who can finish my sentences for me, and makes me feel safe.

To my Far Away Friend, who is always close because he’s so near to my heart.

To the one I betrayed when we were young; who years later still stands beside me and never lets me down.

To the new one – who despite my use of the words “inconvenient”, “time-challenged” and “complicated”, relentlessly pursues my heart and is slowly stealing it from under me.

Thank you – without each of you, I wouldn’t be me.