Being sick when you live alone sucks a huge amount!

I thought I had it bad the last couple of days – I had to take to my bed over the weekend, and was only at 50% efficiency for a few days after that.

I was grizzly and whiny and wanted attention, but living by myself meant the groans of self-pity went unanswered and the desire for lemonade resulted in me crawling to the fridge to find it bare. I was sick, I was alone, I was feeling very sorry for myself.

Eventually I called my mum (yes – I’m 28 and I still want my mum when I’m sick – don’t judge me, just smirk at me behind your hand). She brought me lemonade, Saos and about ten minutes of sympathy, before she announced that she had to go, as she was going to meet girlfriends for a coffee! (What happened to parents who stopped their lives to look after their children!!?? My mum is newly retired and has never been more busy in her entire life; my brothers and I now have to schedule time to catch up with her, because if we drop over, she’s invariably not there!)

I realised living alone and being healthy is great. Living alone and being sick is horrible.

Yesterday I got this hilarious/wretched email from my friend in Japan – and suddenly my “sick alone” story was put into perspective…

He’s living in Japan, but barely knows the language (yes, he’s an English teacher who knows little Japanese, teaching English to Japanese kids who know little English – communication is a struggle!).

He got the flu, and all he wanted was some antibiotics… apparently not one person he asked could find him a doctor, so he went to the hospital. He tried to ask for penicillin; instead they gave him a head, sinus and chest xray, and then stuck a camera up his nose – twice.

Finally it was confirmed he did indeed have bronchitis (in the meantime his wallet has taken a serious beating!) and he gets given some hard-core drugs. In fact he gets 5 different types of drugs, all in powder form… when he asked what they were for, the best translation he got was “make intestine good”.

He’s now sitting in a little apartment, a long way from anyone he knows, with a language barrier between him and his pharmacist and no one to bring him a Get Well hug…

Suddenly being sick alone, but having a mum to pick up lemonade for me, sounds pretty good in comparison!

(PS – To Japan Boy – I hope you get better soon!)