I’m usually a pretty happy person. I like to look on the bright side of life, I prefer to put positive spins on a situation (if at all possible), I believe that people who sit around feeling sorry for themselves don’t usually get a lot done with their life because they are too busy introspectively grumbling about the world, rather than putting energy into their lives.

Having said that, prepare yourself for a world class “Fee Whinge!”

I am so bloody tired I could fall asleep in front of my computer and probably remain that way for the entire day – face schmooshed into my keyboard and my arms flung over my head. I am so tired, if it weren’t for the copious amounts of Spirulina, Vitamin B, Evening Primrose, Coffee and V8 juice I’m consuming, I would probably never get out of bed again. I am so tired I’m starting to believe the Third World Debt has nothing on my Sleep Debt (okay – that last one was possibly a little bit tasteless – but at least you get my drift).

Let me share a chunk of my life with you: I wake up at 7am (with more difficulty than you can imagine); I walk to work, stay there (hopefully working) till 5.30pm, and walk home again. I usually have about half an hour to have a quick shower, swallow my third handful of Spirulina for the day, and get my butt over to the restaurant, where I stay working until about 12.30am. By the time I’ve signed off, got home, and managed to unwind it’s about 1.30am. I usually panic about having to get up early the next morning, so I lie in bed trying desperately to sleep, but end up staying awake for far to long – until eventually I must pass out from exhaustion.

I work the restaurant 3 nights a week and the cinema 2 – 3 nights a week, as well as my full time day job. And here’s the part where I take the piss out of myself – it’s because I can’t say the bloody word “NO”!

I can’t say it – I almost choke on the two letters. I either don’t want someone to dislike me or be cross at me, so I say “yes” to please them. Or I hear a sob story, and I can’t bear to add anymore worries on to the sobbing persons plate, so regardless of my overloaded plate I say “yes”. Or I’m overtired and can’t think straight – so I say “yes”.

I know I should be sitting here telling you about how great it is that I’m saving all this money for my overseas adventure – and maybe I’ll do that tomorrow. But today I’m telling you – I’m so BLOODY TIRED.