Matching Underwear (come on girls – you know it’s true! There’s a little shiver that runs through your body, because you know no one else knows what’s going on)

Percolating Coffe in My House (it smells so good!)

Tequila Shots (If I’m feeling blue, a night out on tequila nearly always does the trick – the only difficulty is the next morning when I feel worse – but Bloody Mary’s often sort me out!)

Kakulas (if you don’t live in Perth, you won’t understand… it’s a gourmet food store, with lots of bins full of seeds, flour, chocolates, coffee beans, dried fruit – the lot. There are always Italian people talking loudly, cute shopgirls in their little Kakulas aprons, amazing smells, weird condiments on the shelves, and uexpected finds.)

Googling random words (you never know what you might find, and it’s how I’ve found some of my all-time favourite sites)

Listening to Stereolab (enough said…)

Watching Amelie, In the Mood for Love, Spirited Away or any film featuring Audrey Hepburn (Chick flicks are great – they have their time and place in the world!)

Going to a gallery, sitting down on a seat, and watching the people looking at the art (not sure where this fascination comes from, but I love going to galleries for the people-watching)

A really large chocolate milkshake with extra chocolate and extra malt (this one doesn’t really need an explanation – it’s all about the chocolate).

Bookshops (I could browse for hours)

Bed (it’s safe, it’s my hidey-hole)

Alice in Wonderland (I read it whenever I feel sick or unhappy)

My friends.