I love that feeling when you suddenly “get” someone, and you’re pretty sure they finally get you too.

I’ve had an inspiring run of finding new friends in unexpected places in the last four days.

The first was with this hugely creative woman, who I always thought was pretty amazing.

All my life there’s always been someone you know peripherally who intimidates you because they seem comfortable in themselves, confident, happy, have something special and twinkley about them…

But when you open your mouth to speak to them, only gobbldy gook comes out. Afterwards you have to kick yourself because you looked like an idiot and said very stupid things, in front of a person you think is pretty cool.

I ran into this woman in a pretty random place over the weekend – and joy of joys, I think I only said a handful of dumb things (a huge improvement, trust me!) and she sat down next to me with her friend and chatted – and all I could think was “God – you’re inspiring!” She had this inner strength that challenged me , and this calmness that had me in awe. And more importantly – she was really lovely to my friend and I. I think we both left with a bit of a secret girl-crush!


That night I was working with a sweet guy. Beautiful to look at, but (I thought) not much upstairs. You know the sort – all looks, no brains… We ended up talking after work, and 5 hours later were still yammering away to each other. Turns out he was just really quiet – but we made this incredible connections and as he said at the end of the night “I feel like I just met someone who could be my best friend, and you’re leaving in only 9 weeks!”

And finally last night – I had an incredible experience with two people, one of whom has known me for many years (but not very well), and one I met only a few months ago. We all had this sudden “click” and from nowhere we began revealing deeply private moments from our lives to each other – embarrassing mishaps at high school that lingered in our memories, painful break-ups, youthful transgressions, family secrets – the whole kit and caboodle. No judgements were made, a few laughs and tears were had, and a couple of glasses of wine to keep the conversation going.

Four days – four amazing people!