Doesn’t it cut you inside when you realise you have to say something to someone (who matters to you) you know will hurt them?

I know pain and hurt is an integral part of life. If we didn’t feel pain, how would we know how good the ‘happiness times’ are?

But that feeling of impending doom, the upcoming confession, the weight of the world on your shoulders – it’s a horrible feeling, right down to the pit of your stomach.

I never want to hurt anyone (this is hardly a unique position, but it’s still important to point out). I never want to see anyone I’m close to be hurt by words I say. I’m so sorry anyone could possibly get hurt by anything I said.

In the meantime I’ve found a new obsession. The PostSecret blog ( has become my confessional… A way of professing the truth, acknowledging personal faults and venting on sad things that have happened to you.

Everyone’s got a secret or two.