Sometimes when I’m walking to work in the mornings (ipod earphones stuck to my ears, the shuffle of my feet as they resentfully move toward the city, my sunglasses hiding me from the reality of the early morning) I start to play out movies in my head.

Okay – I know it doesn’t sound too strange yet, but I promise, it does get weirder.

I start to see the things happening around me. This morning for instance, I started fantasising about a gloriously decadent scene, with women in renaissance costume and Venetian masks, men in wigs, with full frock coats and monocles. There’s a heaving dinner table in the middle of the traffic light intersection, dripping with fruit and gold plates and melting candles in antique candlesticks. It was a scene taken straight from a 1600s banquet.

The urban scape looks exactly the same – the traffic lights, the shops, the petrol station, the park. But in the middle of the street, instead of cars, the costumed royalty are dancing on the bitumen to string musicians – and the beautiful contrast between the urban reality and the romantic renaissance dancers was so striking.

For a minute I honestly believed I was looking at this exact scene.

I saw all of it – I was so far into my dream, I nearly got run over, because I’d stopped seeing the cars and felt like I was walking toward this vision of two worlds contrasting.

It’s always in the mornings that I become part of these things. They’re my awake dreams… The hardest part is always the shock of moving from the whimsy I can see, to the reality actually in front of me!