I moved much of my stuff to my family house yesterday, and I’m in the last stages of moving all the big furniture into storage and cleaning my apartment before I hand in the keys on Monday.

Firstly – someone stole my bag of shoes out of my car when I was moving. My favourite shoes, the ones I was planning to take with me… My cheap-as-chip comfy Dunlops, my dress-up-or-dress-down Gola sneakers, my green ballet flats, my black work shoes, the only pair of high heels I own and my brown Havianas. Whoever you are, you thieving sneak – I hope you get tinea!

Secondly – I really suck at reducing my life to a bag. I’ve currently got about three times more clothes than I’ll be allowed to take with me to London. Don’t even get me started on how much bathroom product, books and knick knacks I still need to reduce my load by.

Thirdly – wow. It actually feels like it’s happening now. I’m going away and I don’t know when I’m coming home. I’m leaving lots of important things behind me, to create new important things somewhere else. I’m starting to get really excited!