This weekend was a busy one. I spent most of Saturday moving my furniture from Perth to Margaret River, and driving back again to get home in time for work.

It was a long day, and I couldn’t have done it without the help of my beautiful brother, who spent 7 hours trapped in a car with me, patiently answering all his big sisters’ nosy questions.

My brother and I haven’t lived together since I was 16, when he and our younger brother moved in with my dad and I moved in with mum. In the last 12 years the most time we would have spent together would have been for a meal – we talk on the phone all the time, but have always struggled to find time to physically hang out for anything other than family occasions.

Of everyone in the family he and I see each other the least, because of our conflicting schedules and different lifestyles and interests.

I was a bit nervous about spending the entire day with him, especially with the added pressure of my timeline and having to lug furniture in the heat. But it turned out to be a gorgeous day, and probably one of the nicest I’ve ever spent.

We chatted the entire way – no breaks or silences in conversation. We laughed, we reminisced, we planned the future, we analysed, we joked, and we were serious.

It’s the beginning of a really big family week for me. I’ve moved in with some family, and that’s been interesting. I’m being spoilt rotten with food and treats and having stuff done for me (even though I’ve said I’ll look after myself), but I also have to answer the “what time will you be home” questions…

My dad is coming over from Cairns for a week to spend some time with my brothers and I before I go overseas. I haven’t seen him in two years, since I went up there to visit him (if you ever get the chance – check Cairns out. Unbearably hot, but the scenery is awe-inspiring). He moved out there 5 years ago… we speak every week or fortnight, but seeing him is so exciting. I can’t wait to see what he thinks of Perth having been gone for so long.

And my Mum gets back from her road trip with my grandmother this week (they drove around NSW). Mum lives here, but this will probably be my Oma’s last trip to Perth (she lives in Newcastle). They are my two absolutely favourite people in the family. Mum, Oma and I can stay awake to dawn just talking and drinking tea.

I think this is going to be a big week of going out to dinner, driving around and seeing the sites and family-catch-up.

I’m so lucky all my family are coming together before I go. These people who know me better than I know myself – these people who have nursed me through my sickest and saddest, and celebrated with me my happiest and greatest.