The ultimate in procrastination – I just spent an hour online looking up the word and it’s origins.

Procrastinate (synonyms): put off, delay, postpone, adjourn, dally, drag your feet, hang fire, defer, dawdle.

Pro-cras-ti-nate (v): to postpone doing something, especially as a regular practice.

Latin origin of the word: ‘procrastinare’ – defer till morning

Derivatives: procrastination (n) procrastinator (n)

Other Languages –
Dutch : stel uit
French : Temporisez
Greek : Χρονοτριβήστε
Spanish : procrastine


Forms of procrastination:
Googling your mate’s names
Going through mobile or emails and deleting all old or irrelevant ones
Checking online banking, even though you know there’s no reason why the balance would have gone up or down
Making lists (I have a list of all the lists I have to cross off)
Making a cup of coffee, letting it go cold, and making another
Checking the stationary cupboard for anything interesting to decorate my desk with
Reading the paper (being a marketing manger I can make this look like it’s my job – but really I’m just wasting time)
Arranging paper in different piles on my desk
Writing in my blog
Write emails to my friends.

Reasons for Procrastination:
Writers block
Hung over
Brain dead
Too hot
Too cold
Too tired
Too quiet
Too noisy
Distracted by my personal life
Worried about going overseas
Too busy planning my weekend