Sometimes I love my job.

Sometimes I think I have the most banal job in the world.

Who cares how carefully worded a Request For submissions is?

Actually – it’s pretty god damn important to me… but sometimes I sit back and I think to myself, “would anyone else think it reasonable to labour over a page and a half of writing the way I just did for two hours?”

It’s not going to change the world; it’s hardly going to alter anyone’s life. It will be read and discarded by more than 75% of the people who pick it up. It’s a string of arbitrary words crawling down a page, creating verbose descriptions and sycophantic language.

My friend Ro, on the other hand, produces some of our music programs – and today she got to trawl the internet looking at fun sound-websites. Today – I want her job!

Check it:


It’s enough to make even the most tone-deaf person feel musical, and put a smile on your dial to end a hard day of work!