There’s nothing like a melty chocolate ice cream to make a hot, horrible, yucky day feel good again.

Why is my day horrible?

I’m at the pointy end of getting serious about finding a UK job – and it’s scaring the bejeesus out of me that I might not get one.

I’ve subscribed to all the job lists I can find in England. I’ve laboured over my resume. I’ve spent the few waking hours I’m not working, fine-tuning job applications.

I wasn’t too worried before – especially since the feedback has been really positive. The most common response I’ve heard has been “we’d really love to consider your application, however we need someone to start work before you arrive in England. If we have a position available closer to your arrival, we’ll let you know”.

But with six weeks (eek!) left, that excuse is starting to sound a bit lame, and I’m wondering if I’ll get a job before I arrive…

I’d always decided that regardless of whether I had a job or not, I was still jumping on the plane and giving it a go – but it becomes a whole lot scarier without the security of employment.

So I’m going to stop writing this and get back to applying for jobs. I’ll let you know how I go.