It’s a big thing, and can come from the most unexpected of places.

I was betrayed by someone today. It surprised me how upset it made me.

I was never particularly close to the person who did it, but had thought we had a healthy respect for each other.

I can actually see, from her point of view, how easy it would have been to do what she did. She wouldn’t even have considered it to be anywhere near as significant as it is to me.

I keep thinking of the old adage, “like stealing candy off a baby”. Stealing isn’t a good idea, but you can reason that candy is cheap, it’s easily replaceable and not a very big deal.

But to the baby, it’s all they have to hold onto, they don’t necessarily know what’s around the corner, might not even understand about money.

I feel like I’ve had something really important ripped off me, mainly because the other person isn’t valuing it as much as I do.

Cryptic I know – I can’t go into details. But to suffice to say – I’m well pissed off!