I love food. I just never have time to eat it.

A quick glance in my bin next to my desk is fairly revealing –I think I have some issues, which need resolving!

3 V8 tetra packs (different flavours)
2 Sustagen tetra packs (only Dutch Chocolate flavour)
2 Buddy Size Diet Coke bottles
5 take away coffee containers
1 lite Masters ice coffee
1 can of lemonade
1 marketing industry magazine
1 bus ticket

Just think – that revolting mixture of liquids has been consumed in less than three days, and is swishing around in my belly. Gross.

Why, you may ask, am I suddenly so interested in my bin? The answer can only be – Procrastination!

If you’re not careful, I’ll start reeling off and analysing the contents of my desk drawers, just to occupy myself for another 10 minutes!