Recovery was needed over the weekend, so I did the unthinkable and went public in a bikini.

What is it about a hangover that makes you crave a dip in a cold pool or a dive into a big wave?

My head may have wanted to explode, but the giggles of some girlfriends and the soothing darkness of sunglasses mixed with the inability to move off the pool stairs made for the perfect recovery!

So after a weekend of abusing my liver – again – I’m going on a detox!

I’ve bought some highly putrid tasting liquid called and am guzzling as much of the recommended dose as I can. It’s foul, but promises cleansing, slimming and purifying… I guess I can’t expect the good without living through the bad first.

But somehow I have a feeling – this disgusting liquid may only stay in my life a few more days before I give it up.

By the way – I got my first tanlines for the summer! Thank God summer finally arrived, I was beginning to think I’d go to England paler than the pommies!