I’ve tried to write this post 4 times today, and it’s not working for me.

I keep getting too personal about myself. And today I don’t want to be serious and introspective Fiona, but I can’t seem to escape it.

However the music I’ve been listening to has been a mixture of soulful instrumentals, ballads and wailing male voices – it’s enough to make any girl start searching her soul!

This time last week I had the great pleasure of discovering Broken Social Scene for the first time, live at the Vernadah. I took a punt because my friend Alana was having her birthday there – oh how gloriously they melted from pop song to melancholy instrumental.

This week started with Nigel Kennedy… no I didn’t go see him sadly, however I was inspired by his presence in my fair city to bring out my Nigel Kennedy’s Favourites CD and give it a spin one night when I couldn’t sleep.

On Wednesday I saw Underland – the Sydney Dance Company work based on the songs of Nick Cave. It doesn’t get more soul searching and whimsical that that! The dancing was pretty amazing (a few high points, a far more low points, but mostly awe-inspiring) and of course thanks to Petronio why wouldn’t it be!?

And to finish my week – I just bought tickets to see Tex Perkins and Tim Rogers perfrom with WASO in Kings Park on Sunday night. A picnic with my new friend Maddie and some beautiful music under the stars.

Dum dee da dum dum da dee!