Three weeks and counting down…

Crikey – where did all my time go?

My very organised housemates/family printed me up a calendar on the weekend, so I can start booking dinners and last minute drinks and appointments in.

Gee – those three weeks filled up fast – one minute there was a blank calendar, and the next I have only three nights free!

I quit the restaurant so I’d have enough time to see all my friends, and try to fit some sleep in as well.

I’ve actually started to realise that not only am I not able to take my entire bathroom cabinet with me, but perhaps I don’t want to either – it’s an opportunity to minimise!

Although I’ll miss my 6 different types of moisturiser (not including face moisturiser). Surely every girl needs one for feet, one for firming, one with tan ingredients in it to make you look browner, one for your hands, one perfumed for going out and one for after-sun?

My girlfriend gave me a pocket-guidebook yesterday as a belated birthday present! I found my house on the map, and lots of markets and cool shops and restaurants nearby. Hooray – my retail requirements can be sated!

I’ve been talked into having Going Away Drinks. I avoided it and put it off for ages, but it was pointed out to me that if I don’t do an en masse event, I’ll never be able to say goodbye to everyone in time.

At least my bank balance looks quite healthy!

Pity my tan doesn’t – too much time working!

My flight got brought forward by 8 hours. D’oh. I didn’t have enough time as it was, but this is getting ridiculous! Now I have my last day at ARTRAGE on a Friday, and fly out on the Sunday evening. When am I going to have time to pack?

Right now it’s 6.15am in London, and 3C. It’s very early and very cold.

It’s all so close, and so far away…