I have a Mini-Me!

She’s actually nothing like me (lucky for her), but I have a work-shadow, who in two and a half weeks will be doing my job without me standing behind her to cajole, annoy and nag her.

I think she’s looking forward to it!

I, on the other hand, am finding it hard to let go. I know I should be encouraging her to try things out for herself and have a go, but I feel such intense ownership of my job, and it’s hard to relinquish the control to this fresh-faced, ambitious, enthusiastic young ‘un.

Oh – that’s the other thing – she’s a WHOLE lot younger than me… I feel like the old wife being traded in for the younger mistress!

Speaking of being younger – who’s been bowling lately?

I revisited my youth with a game of tenpin bowling at Rosemount Bowl last night.

Oh my god, I was really bad at it. And even worse – my arse was whipped by my ex boyfriends’ new girlfriend…

Yep – the whole world is “trading up”, and I’m getting left behind!