You would think I’d be writing more posts than usual about my impending travel, not less, but the crazy way my world is moving forward at the moment leaves me a little out of breath.

The good byes started this week – and there are sure to be a whole lot more on Sunday (I’ve steadfastly refused to have a “Going Away” party, but I have compromised with a “I’ll be sitting at the Scotto on Sunday afternoon, if you’d like to stop by for a beer” farewell thing).

Funnily enough, saying goodbye makes me feel a step closer to it really happening – In a week and a half this room, this suburb, this place I call my home, will be a very long way away for me. My friends won’t be around the corner, able to meet me for coffee at an instants notice.

It feels both surreal, and a little bit too real (a bit like COPS, the bad US reality cop show – its surreal because it’s so foreign and tacky, but the visual imagery is so raw and the jerky, intrusive, non colour tinted, non-soft focused camera work makes you feel a little too involved, a little too close).

I know I’m going away, I’m beginning to get really excited about going away – but I won’t believe it’s happening until I’m standing at the airport with my (emergency replaced) passport.