Oh my god. Too many goodbyes, too much rich food, copious amounts of alcohol. Yes god damn it, there really can be “too much”. I hope my liver can cope with one more week of farewells…

So here we are. It’s the final week. The real count down.

I’ve nearly packed (I know it’s early, but I’m sending some stuff over as excess luggage. I found a great company that does it fast and cheap, so I didn’t need to decide between all my favourite jeans in the end, I’m taking them all!).

I’ve started to pay attention to the weather in London. Hmmm. Here’s a screen shot of my dashboard weather widget.
London Weather

Doesn’t look promising. Mind you Perth hasn’t been too consistent lately, so at least this will be consistently bad.

You know, a friend of mine who lives in Melbourne says you can always pick the Perth people, because they talk about the weather. He’s right. It’s kind of sad really.

My week is booked up with farewell events, family get togethers, and my beautiful friend who is doing something very special – he’s taking me to Greater Union Gold Class.

Can’t explain my obsession with Gold Class, except it’s the poor persons version of flying first class – it’s completely decadent and ridiculous.

And there’s nothing like getting nachos served to you in the middle of a movie while you’re lying in a laz-ee boy big enough to fit two people.

It’s my last week at work, so I’m frantically trying to ensure I’m leaving enough information behind so things can keep rolling. Not that I’m particularly irreplaceable – in fact I’m as replaceable as they come… (*mumble mumble 21 year old making me look bad mumble grumble mumble*), but I’ve just realised there’s a huge amount of information stored in my head, and I need to store it all in someone elses.

I also have to apologise to all my friends who came to have a farewell drink with me on Sunday. Because I got a wee bit shabby. And I don’t remember who I said good bye to. Which means I’ll have to say goodbye again on the phone.

The good byes are the weirdest part. It’s a surreal process when you still have an entire week ahead of you – especially in Perth where you can say good bye one day and bump into that person 5 more times before you leave.

Except my bestie girlfriend. Who flew away to Penang. In my last week in Perth! How do you like that? She’s already getting on with her life, and I haven’t even left the country.

Told you – completely replaceable!