Ahhh… A sigh of relief.

It’s so close!

I cried this morning because I couldn’t decide what clothes to wear for my last day of work. I actually sobbed for about 10 minutes. I know it’s not about the clothes, but the closure… and eventually the sobbing turned into giggling. And I think the significance of the day melted with the tears, and I managed to start coping!

Last night I was taken on a hugely decadent and food-orgy-fest of a meal – an eleven course degustation at Jacksons (dubbed The Big Dego), with three surprise courses thrown in, and a different wine to match each course.

My clothes are significantly tighter today.

The food was magnificent – tastes and combinations you couldn’t even imagine. The course were literally bite-size, which meant you were able to keep going through all the courses. Except the rich chocolate tart, which some of us only managed to eat half of (and I swear gave me incredibly vivid and haunting dreams).

I was spoilt beyond belief!

So here I am – my last day of work. I have a new hair cut (it’s curly and short and red – I’ll post pictures tomorrow). I have no piles of work or outstanding lists. I have a surprise work-drinks ahead of me.

I have only two and half days left in Perth.

I have the jitters.