One of the greatest things about living in the East End is the variety of culture, the mix of races, the hodge podge of people you live side by side with.

I’ve made friends with my local video store guy.

No – I’m not as lame as you’re thinking. It’s not because I’ve been in a new country for a week and already I’m bored enough to join a video library.

On my second day I was walking to the tube station and the video store guy was standing in the doorway of his shop. I passed a few pleasantries with him, and it turned out we are both lovers of bolliwood films – I’m an amateur and he’s a walking encyclopaedia.

He’s from Bombay, and has the largest collection of bolliwood films you’ve ever seen – from the very very early black and whites, right through to a large percent of the thousands of bolliwoods that get made yearly. He’s an addict.

Now he watches for me as I pass in the mornings and afternoons, and he saves films for me to take home and watch, because he knows I don’t have a TV, and I’ve been an insomniac for the last few months, so I need something to do at 2am when I can’t sleep. It’s so sweet – I feel like I’m part of the neighbourhood.

By the way – if anyone manages to find ‘Black’, I thoroughly recommend it. It’s a slightly more childish, Indian bolliwood cross with Lars Von Triers style of film (ie – it’ll have you in tears in no time!)

The only problem – my video store owner has such a thick Indian mixed with East End accent, I couldn’t understand when he told me his name, all three times I asked him. I’m now too embarrassed to ask again, so I have to avoid referring to him by name…