I went to the markets at the end of my street today. No matter what day you go, there are always lots of people jam-packed into a tiny space, haggling over vegetables.
No room to move

She may look innocent enough – but I’ve quickly learnt not to mess with the little old ladies when they have their eye on a bargain.
Shopping lady

In a line

The vegetables are fresh everday
Vege Shopping

but it’s the crazy indian desserts sold in the market stalls that I’ve become addicted to!
Street Bakery

Everywhere you go there are little old ladies, dressed up and making the most of their “day out”. Sometimes they’ve hooked their arms five people across, and there’s no way to pass them (plus I’m scared of them – they give me evil eyes!!) so I have to dawdle behind until they all enter a stall
Social Outing

You can buy anything at the street markets. I love the scarf and pashmina stalls (of which there are hundreds)
Scarves of the Rainbow

Multi Cultures

but you can also buy saris
saris for sale

and various knick knacks…
Everything Goes

And even when it’s 13 degrees and I’m wearing gloves, there’s always ice cream and slushies for sale. There are slushy stands everywhere, and they always have customers. Crazy English people!
Evene In Winter