I’m applying for jobs at the moment. It’s going okay. I’ve found a couple I’m interested in, and some I’m applying for because I’m willing to work for the organisation, even though it would mean a bit of a step down for me personally.

Today I had my first call-back, which sadly went along the lines of “thanks, but we think you’re over-qualified for this job”.


Doesn’t that mean I’m likely to be good at the job I applied for, if I’m over-qualified, and would more than likely be an asset to the organisation?

Apparently not. I’ve become a “liability”. Yep – that was the word used, in this context: “just wanted to thank you for applying, but we believe it’s a liability to hire people over-qualified for positions as they’re more likely to leave”.

Ummm… Okay. I think. I’m still deciding whether this can be considered a compliment or an insult.

In the meantime I have to wait a really long time to hear back from most of my other applications, so I’m picking up some grunt work in local galleries (invigilation, reception, that sort of thing). It’s kind of fun being the lowest rung on the ladder. Nice people keep over-explaining things to me, like how to be nice to people who come into the gallery (?) how to check the bathrooms are clean (??) and how I should try to stop anyone who takes the art off the walls and leaves the gallery (???!!!).