I have a deep, dark confession to make. I like Marian Keyes. And Jane Green. I even have my Maeve Binchey moments.

It’s not very trendy to admit to liking chick lit. It probably has something to do with how unintelligent and bland you seem.

But I’ve decided to take a stand, and declare myself a reader of the genre, and proud of it. Don’t get me wrong – I read my fair share of decent literature. Gabriel García Márquez rates as my favourite writer. The Master and Margarita is my all-time favourite book, and there isn’t much of the Virginia Woolf “back-catalogue” I haven’t read (including her diaries and letters).

However I’ve decided to liberate myself and other readers of female-oriented-airport-fiction from under the black cloud of shame. I say – “it’s okay to like pulp”. There’s an appropriate time and place for it, and we shouldn’t hide it!

I’ve been guilty of hiding my copy of Sushi For Beginners at a coffee shop, shielding the cover of Bridget Jones’s Diary on the train, and surreptitiously browsing through my The Girls Guide to Fishing and Hunting.

It’s good for the soul to take a holiday, and sometimes instead of exploring Africa, you simply want to lie on a beach in Broome – this is how I see my book reading habits (although admittedly my magazine habits reflect this theory as well).

In the last week I’ve read five books – all of them romance flavoured of the “28 – 32 year old pretty girl falls in love with handsome boy – has misunderstanding – has a fight – makes up – lives happily aver after” persuasion. And it’s been a lovely. Easy to read, uncomplicated, inevitable and formulaic. It’s a safe read in an insecure world. It’s a compromise between only coping with one page of a “real” book, and not reading at all.

So here’s a list of some of my favourite “easy reads”. They include chick lit, easy science fiction and uncomplicated tales. Love it! Embrace it! Take a holiday!

Circle of Friends – Maeve Binchey (the first chick lit I read – Thanks Lucy!)
The Eyre Affair – Jasper Forde (fun, a little bit quirky in a science fiction way)
Any Harry Potter – J.K Rowling (I’ve read them a number of times, v. entertaining) Any Terry Pratchett novel (funny and fun with the best set of characters. I love Sam Vimes) Memoirs of a Geisha – Arthur Golden (the ultimate in airport fiction – easy to read)
Any Marian Keyes (Rachels Holiday is my favourite, but they’re all the ultimate in chick lit)
The Princess Bride – William Goldman (romance, fighting, kidnapping, royalty, murder – and the “is this a kissing book?” line)
Alice in Wonderland – Lewis Carroll (this is my favourite book for when I’m sick and stuck in bed)
Anna Karenina – Leo Tolstoy (decadent and scandalous romance!)
Emma – Jane Austen (early period Mills and Boons)
High Fidelity – Nick Hornby (some might argue this doesn’t quite fit in this list, but it’s still an insatiably good and easy read – I recently heard it referred at as ‘dick lit’)
Bridget Jones’s Diary – Helen Fielding (it’s a bit naff, but cute and girly)
Jemima J – Jane Green (the tale of an insecure plump woman finding love and fitting into size 8 jeans. Awww.)
Sex and the City – Carrie Bradshaw (c’mooon! You know it’s good)
Room With a View – EM Forster (the book is as sweet as the film – very English and romantic)