Bear with me if this post seems a little disjointed and haphazard. It’s been a weekend of serious drinking at night, horrible hangovers in the morning, and working at a groovy little site specific exhibition in Shoreditch in the afternoon

Friday saw my first encounter with other Perth desserters. This is where I discovered a number of things; cheap white wine in England tastes great but has a bad hangover kick back, even Australians drink Fosters in England (no excuse!), a couple of the boys were drinking cider (absoltuely no excuse unless you’re under 15 or over 65), accents were varied – one person had been here for two weeks and had a badly overexaggerated accent, most of the guys had been here for a couple of years and sounded more Australian than most Perth people I know.

On Sunday night (despite promising the world in general that I’d never drink again) I joined a group of London Cool Kids. Everyone here is a Cool Kid. They all have trendy hobbies like dj-ing, writing in cool little zines or articles in terribly famous magazines, hanging out with famous people, working on films, writing novels that are criticallly acclaimed, but never read by the general public because no one can understand them.

Anyway – last night I found myself holed up in a dark, dusty English pub, lying across ancient chesterfields, drunkenly arguing the points of something (I have no idea what it was, but I know I was passionate!) and generally doing and saying things that made me blush with shame when I woke up the next morning.

Ahhh – alcohol. You just can’t trust me anywhere near it!

I’m back onto my health kick now… no more wine for a while and as of today I’m working on a new project – a four day film festival that’s really exciting:

It’s kind of nice being back in the working world. I’ve missed engaging with art, and found that than apathetically viewing it doesn’t give me the same thrill as being a “part of it”. I like being active, and I find I get bored easily if I don’t have some discipline and structure in my life.

I also have a job interview lined up, although the job is in gallery management, rather than marketing, so we’ll see how I go – I can’t quite work out how I’m anywhere near qualified for that one!