Enveloped in a fluffy Sanctuary-insignia’d white dressing gown,
flipping and flopping in my complimentary aqua thongs
my scrubbed clean face and hair hoisted up in a pony,
drifting along in the secret sign language of the day spa

lying on a banana lounges, drinking cool white wine,
nestling in deep pillows and moving to massage and facial appointments…
a few minutes keeping head above bubbles in the heated spa.
Then lying like a lizard on soothingly warm wood benches in the sauna

After such hard work, taking a break in the Koi Lounge
girls lazing around pools, on cushions, draped in fluffy gowns
like Grecian goddesses in a golden oldy hollywood film
giggling in gaggling groups beside gigantic goldfish.

And as I swing slowly, my toes grazing warm water below
I say Thank you my ARTRAGE folk
For a gift of pure indulgence and joy
How precious you all are…

For those who can’t understand bad poetry or refuse to read between the lines – my lovely co-workers gave me a pating gift of decadence and delight at a day spa in Covent Gardens called The Sanctuary. I floated home with wonderful memories of pampering and pretty blue thongs slapping the ground.

My pretty blue thongs:
Blue Thongs