For the last few weeks I’ve had the great pleasure of helping out at an exhibition in Shoreditch, called The Marxist Magicians Film The Communist Manifesto, by artist Simon Morse and presented with a very cool curatorial organisation called Measure.


It’s sad the show has ended – it was one of those unique shows that challenges you, makes you laugh and ponder at the same time, is interestingly presented (over three floors of a disused caretakers cottage, in rooms and nooks and crannies), and meeting and hanging out with the artist and the guy from Measure was a true pleasure and a wonderful way to pass a few afternoons.

magicians 2

The artist gave a talk, which was a surreal visual experience – he stood in front of his inanimate 3D magicians, giving this bizarre juxtaposition of movement and stillness.

magicians 3

I’m quite excited though – hopefully I’ll get to help out on the next measure show, which look sto be just as exciting as this one, but completely different.

magicians 4

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caretakers cottage