Friday night of a bank holiday weekend, the entertainment choices are boundless!

Rach (my boss) and I decided to head out to the V & A for a different sort of experience – the museum and gallery was open late, djs and entertainment was copious, and whilst we giggled to ourselves at how uncool we obviously were (choosing to spend Friday night at a gallery) we soon realised we had hit gold!

There’s nothing like being in a gallery as amazing as the Victoria and Albert at nighttime, with a glass of wine in one hand, streams of people enjoying the atmosphere and gorgeous Frenchy chic style dj sounds filling the air.

We weren’t dorky at all – we had stumbled on the mecca of coolness!

Outside in the courtyard there was a Cumberland sausage BBQ (Mmmmm), jugs of Pimms (so so English!) and lots of people mingling in the dwindling light, watching the reflection of the lovely old building in the ripple pool.

Late Night

And that’s what it’s like here. There’s never a need to plan anything if you don’t feel like it, because there’s always something on. And it doesn’t matter what mood you’re in, because there’ll doubtless be something to appeal.

I’ve never felt so spoilt for choice…

To finish the evening I left Rach to cab home (after a promise to each other that we’d go to next months late-night friday at the V & A – Cuba themed!), and I went to find some lovely people I met a few weeks ago, who were djing at a tiny little bar in Shoreditch.

Think Blondie, Michael Jackson, a bit of Al Green, a touch of Nancy Sinatra, a lot of golden oldy love. Possibly the coolest dj set I’ve ever heard in the smallest bar in the world, packed with lots of effusive and drunk girls in skinny jeans and boys all standing in huddles clutching their boutique beers.

Some nights I love this city. There are many nights when it can be hard to be here – it can be lonely, or overwhelming or just plain expensive. But nights like last night… those nights make me glad to be here and happy to be taking a chance!