Where have I been? Well the sad news is that my beloved Babar (my ibook) died a terrible, horrible death – lots of spitting of light, mini fireworks, 'brrr-popping' noises and finally – the true sign of death – blackness from which nothing could rouse it. Rest In Peace, my beloved friend…I miss my computer dearly. It provided me with music, was my home entertainment, I could use it to communicate with friends and family, search for directions, write my blog, use it for work, carry it with me on outdoor excursions… I looked forward to coming home, and would often be waking my computer from its slumber before I even put my handbag down. It was my friend late at night, when homesickness kept me awake. It was my worst enemy when it had no emails to offer me from beloved friends. The weight of it on my lap was so familiar to me, it's humming a constant companion.

Without Babar I'm more lost and a little more lonely…

And sadly it means that many adventures have passed without me being able to share them with you – my first watching of a soccer match in a London pub – the fact that it was an English game making it all the more exciting and electric. I was surrounded by huge man (who politely ensured that Rach and I could both see the screen – it's the rules, you see – no one misses out!) But at the first goal there was beer being thrown around, ice in my hair, chips thrown at the ceiling, boys hugging each other so hard they were falling on to the ground… there were even a few tears. Possibly the most exciting sporting moment of my life. Until Sweden scored, and then there really were tears everywhere – the big burly boys were inconsolable. England may be through to the next round, but that evening the mood was sombre – much rehashing of the appalling second half and many boys saying "…aye, but they'll have to improve…"

I'm not a big fan of supporting this type of soccer – I feel it's loathsome that men should earn £100 000 per week, regardless of if they play (Michael Owen – who has only played 6 hours this year) to kick a ball around. It's a shocking amount of money when you consider how much poverty exists in England.

But I'll admit – now I'm hooked. I've planned the next few weeks around the upcoming games, and am desperately trying to change a film screening we're doing in Cambridge on the World Cup final night – not because we're worried no one will come, but because none of us want to miss the game!

So – I'm still working for the film festival, which isn't just a festival, and doesn't just deal with film (hmmm… confusing!) Being a part time Marketing Manager suits me – I only have to work three days a week – it means I can keep on picking up random interesting projects that may not be exceptionally well paid, but keep my arts-passion burning. Plus I'm meeting so many people in different networks, and suddenly my diary is choccas with things to do and people to meet.

I've also been doing the 'cultured' thing lately. I've made a friend who's a complete theatre geek, so I'm making the most of having a theatre-buddy before she runs away to Edinburgh for two months  – the festival is coming, and most of the interesting people I've met are disappearing there for a while – I've booked myself two weekends over there (convenient, now I know people with floors I can sleep on!) It would be really easy to become quite poor in London, even with a well paid job, if you went to every theatre event and concert that took your fancy!

But the best experience to date was the Cat Power concert at the Barbican. A far cooler and relaxed Cat than the one who arrived in Perth two years ago, with a short temper, an even shorter attention span and a pre-disposition to talking, rather than singing – she was 'eclectic' to say the last. This week though, she was magnificent. With a band behind her that supported her, touched her, encouraged her, applauded her, she rarely finished a song, but she did give an amazing performance. A truly lovely evening. And a standing ovation that sent thrills down everyone's spine.

On that note, forgive me if I don't write as often at the moment (I actually miss it) – it's harder without a computer – but I'm still here, still writing when I can…