The World Cup dream trickles away. Thank God.

I mean that in the nicest possible way of course. I wouldn’t want anyone to think I was bitter about having every single newspaper focus three quarters of it’s articles on soccer, that I mind the St George flag being flown out of every window, from the roof of every car and in every shop. I quite like soccer. I even (as previously admitted) get excited when watching a game – I like the pub atmosphere. But I’m incredibly excited at the prospect of having a conversation that DOESN’T focus on the state of Wayne Rooney’s metatarsal, or whether Sven should be playing them three four or four four formations. Phew.

Back to real life.

I’ve been keeping busy – summer has brought the sun, and with it the prospect of lots of late afternoon weekend barbecues, nibbling Cumberland sausages and drinking jugs of cool Pimms. I hate to say it, but the English can put on a bloody good barbecue! Actually on that note, I’ve realised that England puts on a bloody good summer… In the last week, I’ve been tempted for choice with both Death Cab for Cutie and Brian Jonestown massacre playing on the same night, been to free outdoor events including the movies (I saw Walk the Line under the shadow of the London Bridge… fairly romantic, I must say!) and there was free opera in the park down the road from me – which was gloriously breathtaking (and another opportunity to partake in the aforementioned Pimms).

But the most exciting bit – the experience I can’t wait for – Music Festival season is revving up and about to swallow London whole! The whole three day camping and music idea excites me… and you’re talking to a girl who hasn’t camped since she was ten and can’t bear the thought of insects, let alone the actual thing. But despite the obvious setbacks, my summer of music is about to begin. I’m investing in a tent (and a blow up mattress), I’m buying a pair of wellies (a festival-must-have, I’ve been informed) and choosing my camping partners carefully. Can’t wait…

Although I am beginning to notice something – in the last 24 hours since England lost (in a travesty of penalty kicks – what a horrible way to go out) the “which music festivals are you going to?” conversations have increased dramatically. I wonder if music is the “new” soccer?