Suddenly – without realising it – I’ve not only managed to make friends but I’ve been here long enough to see one of them leave us, and to feel genuine sorrow that she’s moving away.

But we did the Farewell Party in style! It was another Friday Late at the V&A, this time celebrating the iconic Che Guevara image by Alberto Díaz Korda. There were screen printers willing to screenprint his face onto any item of clothing – even if you were still wearing it. Mohitjos at the bar, live Cuban music, the grass courtyard was packed with people enjoying the sun still drifting across the sky at 10pm.

Che shirts


Che Man

We gossipped, we giggled, we grooved. We laughed, we confided, we pondered. We talked shop. We talked travel. We talked…


We shared some wine, and eventually a jovial security man kindly escorted out of the building, as everyone else had left ages before. Some of us took the safe route and went home…The rest of us moved to a bar, where we smiled at each other, then smiled for the camera…


Now she’s left us, and my phone doesn’t ping from the sound of text messages as much. And I don’t recieve as many emails. And I miss her smiling face and the way she would reassure me that everything would be okay. Everyone needs a person who can see the bright side of life to bring some perspective into the world. I’m sorry she had to go away.

Hulton & Davies