I finally have access to a computer and enough time to upload photos, so I’m taking a bit of a trip down memory lane…

First up – Cambridge…

A city filled with history you can touch Cambridge Rooftops

A river you can float downCam Bridge

Many winding back-alleyways to exploreCambridge Alleyway

The best fresh fruitCambridge Marketplace

And endless entertainmentCambridge Punts

But the most surprising thing was this photo;
I didn’t know it’d been taken.

The lingering ghost of someone who visited my life for a brief moment, made me smile, took refuge in my room and sat silently with me as we read magazines.

I wish I’d known he was taking the photo – I would have like to smile for him, to show him I enjoyed his company. But I guess this photo is more true. More reflective of what we shared. A moment. A brief friendship. I got his number, but lost it on the way back to London. I was supposed to meet him and his girlfriend for coffee, but I couldn’t call to find out where. I thought it was gone… but now I’ve found this photo – maybe we’ll run into each other again?