Have I told you this before?

I’m obsessed with the PostSecret website.

Sometimes, even though I know I’ve read all the current postcards (they’re changed every Sunday) and there’s no way there can be any new ones posted, I have to go back and check anyway.

I don’t know why. Voyeurism?

About a year ago I sent two postcards in. I always wondered who read them. If anyone read them at all. Apparently the man who runs the site gets hundreds of postcards on a weekly basis. Do I feel better or worse if no one read them? Is it the act of making and mailing that’s cathartic, or the idea that someone, somewhere accepts my secret and ‘keeps’ it for me.

I like to think that I keep the secrets of those whose postcards are published on the website. I may not know who they’re from, but I promise not to betray them – the funny, the amusing, the heartbreakingly sad…

Secrets can be burdens. Maybe once the secret is on a postcard and mailed, the burden is shared and easier to carry?