I embarress myself by choice – no one forces me to write these posts or share these excrutiating moments with you….

I’ve been in meetings all day. I’ve even seen the boy I used to have a serious crush on. I’ve walked down to the local deli for my lunch, and I’ve sat amongst friends at work.

And not one single person happened to mention to me, all day, that my cardigan had popped open, and the entire world can see FAR TOO MUCH of me – including the “all my clothes are in the wash” bra.

Too Much…

There’s inappropriate, and then there’s “Fiona, put some god-damn clothes on – it’s midday and this is an office!”

I only found out a few minutes ago when I was trying to take photos of the (very excellent) exhibition up at our gallery. And I thought I looked so damn normal today, and instead I’m next to flashing anything that comes near me. The shame, the shame….