I’m always so impressed at how the elastic band of the Mother / Daughter relationship can stretch and shift, and grow saggy for a while, but eventually it always regains its shape. No matter how far you go or how annoying you become, she’s always there, just as annoying, but in a way that makes you love her even more.

Well, that’s how it is for me.

I’m one of the lucky ones, I know.

Re-establishing relationships has become one of the more interesting parts of coming back. For many reasons my group of friends has shifted and changed in the brief time I was away – some moved on, some took demanding jobs that leave them no time. Some simply “grew up” and moved in with lovers or fiancé’s and are suddenly not the reliable “Sunday afternoon at the pub” stalwarts they once were. Some have moved back to Perth after travels and journeys – one being my best friend and once-upon-a-time-love-of-my-life. Some were gone before I left, but their absence is felt more strongly now than before. One actually moved to London in the hope of spending time with me, a day after I came back to Perth. One of my London friends has coincidentally moved back to Perth, and a few others are visiting soon.

And my close group of friends expands, and contracts, moves in, moves out… repeats this a few more times, feeling out the boundaries, testing the waters, checking who’s still with us, who’s emotionally or physically moved away. And then the circle quickly settles; the moving arc joins in all places and we’re united…. and we find ourselves a motley crew of friends, confidants, dependants and cohorts.

After only two months it feels the way it should. Has it not always been this perfect? When did my life not contain these people?

Funny how the present doesn’t exactly erase the past, but it makes it feel a lot further away than it actually is.

*** which reminds me –my laptop crashed/died/ruined my life, and I’ve lost all my email addresses, postal addresses, birthdays and anniversary notes… please anyone with my email address, contact me if you’re able, and fill in the missing gaps….***