And as I arrive in Perth, one of my nearest and dearest is leaving us for the open arms of Geraldton Boy, who resides in pretty Tasmania (“pretty”. Not exciting… but very pretty).

It’s strange being on the other end of the farewell process – being the one left behind, waving as Warrior Woman rides off into the sunset. She’s vaguely more organised than me, and she seems calmer than I was. Or perhaps she’s not organised at all, and it hasn’t hit her exactly what needs to be done. Either way, I can’t help comparing how at peace she is with leaving to how manic I was when I left. Maybe that’s why I couldn’t stay away for long… because I never really finished saying good bye to everyone.

Anyway – back to Warrior Woman. If I haven’t mentioned it before; I’ll miss you, honey. You’re incredible and strong and you inspire me everyday. Thank you for everything. Move to Melbourne soon so we all have excuses to come and visit you!

On a completely different note… Am completely surprised to say that I’m enjoying reading Cry Bloxsome’s debut book, Living Between Fucks. Started reading it yesterday and haven’t been able to put it down. It’s voyeurism in a familiar place. It’s strangely raw and appallingly funny. I picked it up thinking “I’m such a prude – the title is full on, the cover is alienating and having read Cry’s articles in the past, I doubt I’ll get it”. But surprise surprise, I’m loving the experience….