Thanks to Dave for the photo that pretty much sums up my New Years Eve.

New Years Eve

I hate New Years Eve. It always ends up disasterously or anti-climactically. I’ve had some absolute shockers in the past – including walking in on a (now ex) boyfriend cheating on me with a close girlfriend, or working a 20 hour shift that felt like it would never finish and ended up with me arguing in the middle of the dancefloor with the artists, or the one where I was so bored I went home and watched TV instead… It rarely turns out to be any good.

So imagine my surprise when I not only had a fun night, but days later still feel good about the new year, instead of the usual melancholy.

I’m not good at resolutions, I always choose the cliched “eat well, stop drinking and smoking and go to the gym” type promises that I’ll never live up to. But this is the year of fun. It’s my last year before I turn thirty, and in the spirit of making the most of the last of my twenties, these are my resolutions;

To have at least one adventure a week.

To take a chance (even if it is just a little one).

And to not regret anything I do this year….