“I’m just so happy – I don’t remember feeling this happy before”

I’ve said that phrase to three different people today, and I’m beginning to think there’s a kernel of truth in there somewhere.

When did that happen? When did my smile become so permanent a fixture that people become concerned if there’s not a smile on my face? What changed so dramatically in my life?

I realised today that there’s not one single thing about my life that I’d change. It’s perfect the way it is. I’m loved by some of the most wonderful people in the world, I have a job I adore and am passionate about, and I have so many exciting plans for the next few years…

Tomorrow is my birthday. I’ve been joking about how upset I was about “getting older”, but the truth is, I’m excited about this year. It’s full of promise and potential. It’s full of books to be read and friends to catch up with and adventures and travelling to do and if I had to write a soundtrack for this year it would be full of giggly “yacht rock” (thanks for the new genre Mike…) and 80s upbeat happy music.

Urrgghh. I think I’m even beginning to nauseate myself with my own happiness….