I’ve been here before…

It was a year ago. The airport in KL. Waiting… waiting…. waiting….

So much has changed. The conversation I had with my mum when I left was a different one to less than a year ago when we sat in the same bar at Perth International, waiting for my flight to be called. Back then she wasn’t so sure I’d survive. Now she’s confident I would, but is happy in the knowledge that I’m coming back to Perth in only two weeks.

This time I’m not running away from anything or trying to patch up my life. I’m not overwhelmed by my social life, or insecure about what I’m leaving behind. I’m coming back to Perth for all the right reasons. This time I’ll arrive at Heathrow ready to take charge of my life.

So what did I do at KL this time round?


I’m tired from an exhausting few days at work, so I’mmostly people watching. I’m listening to Interpol on my ipod, rocking out from my vantage point on the ground. An awkward metal bar is digging into my back, but it’s midnight and all the benches are taken with prone flight-weary bodies. There’s a cute French boy sitting a few metres away from me, looking far scruffier than I am – although my shoes and sock are more wildly mismatched than his (purple and green is not a good combination Fee!) My fringe is irritating me a little, because all the air conditioning is making it floppy and it keeps getting in my eyes…. The usual Airport innocuousness….

It’ll be fun returning to this blog for the very reasons I started it in the beginning… to share my London journeys…