I disappeared. Sorry.

But I’m back.

It was a whirlwind few months of alcohol and debauchery, loss of a friend, too many sad things happening at once, unexpected shifts in my life, and an unease with myself. An awkwardness that made the bones itch and the skin feel like it didn’t fit any longer.

But there are too many things happening at the moment that inspire me, to not ramble toddler-like on my blog, and spew forth half-formed opinions and semi-real words about the lovely little things.

While I was “away” from here, I wrote an anonymous sad blog. A true blog, but one that made me fall deeper and deeper into the sadness because I was hell-bent on examining, analysing and criticising the bad, the sad and the mad. But I’ve decided not to encourage that side of me with words for a while. This blog makes me happy to write, so write in it I shall!