It’s been a Nick Drake sorta day.

He’s my man. And I like to sing too him and along with him (although not very loudly anymore, since my new office mate is a punk, and we’re having a musical ceasefire resulting in silence, since we can no longer come to any agreement about what is office-worthy music). But you know there’s trouble in the air when Nick’s singing to me as loudly as he is today.

n drake

I want to go back to London. I want it so bad it makes me cry.

I sound so childish and over-dramatic, I know! But I feel like I’m missing something this week. It’s a bit aching (in a self-conciously juvenile way..) And this afternoon, when I was singing to One of These Things First, I realised what was wrong….

In Perth I sing to him when I’m sad. In London I sang to him when I was happy.

I miss London.