I’m feeling a little sentimental – I just found some old photos on a disc that I hadn’t seen before. They’re from my weekend adventure in Lublijana and Zagreb with 3 of the most awesome people I know.

Two of whom just got engaged (I’m pretty confident this is no longer a secret – although good ol’ me and my foot in mouth almost managed to upstage them by announcing it on their myspace page before they’d got around to telling everyone…)


We actually managed to sneak on to a plane and surprise a friend who had no idea we were going with him on his weekend away (it wasn’t anything romantic, he was going to play music – we were his stalker-groupies…)

Anyhoo, once the shock wore off, it was a beautiful weekend of food,and laughing, and weird sperm-like decorations in crazy cavernous clubs.

Hanging Sperm

Although what trip is complete without the obligatory incident resulting in a visit to the hospital and a cast? You haven’t really been to Lublijana unless you’ve had an x-ray!


Which is so much better than my story of having the flu, and going to an all night chemist and getting medication from someone who barely spoke english, and realising we didn’t know what to do with it (the oddest shaped bottle, with what looked like an eye dropper, but why would you put flu medication in your eye?)


So, I miss these folks muchly. But I know they’re still out there, having adventures. And that makes me smile…