Damn. I forgot to make my bed this morning. It’s not the same when you do it just before going to bed. The sheets lack a special crispness.

Damn. I forgot to post the packages which are still sitting on my nightstand. At least I’ll remain consistently late with my present-giving.

The ceramic of this new coffee cup is too thin for me.

Who can I make come to dinner with me at The Moon tonight?

I really need to do some work.

God – he’s such an emotional cripple. What a stupid bully.

I wonder if I’m allowed to give blood yet? Hope not. I hate it when it’s time. But I hate the guilt more.

I can’t stand people who don’t understand how to use punctuation and capital letters. I don’t give a frick if it is in a text message or email, it still counts as a communication.

Crap. Crap crap crap. Crappity Crap Crap. How the hell did I go through my weeks “spending” money in 3 days?

My new shoes arrived. Hooray. They’re size too big. Boo.

I should write this down in my blog. I like to blog. But maybe it will read dumber than it sounds? Oh well….

Wonder what I should have for dinner?