A vivid red wine drenched dream…

I’m running away, because a gnome is chasing me
He wants to eat the lip-balm off my lips.
He’s very horrible and I don’t want him to the eat the lip-balm off my lips because (1) ewwwww and (2) I don’t trust him and I think he’ll eat my lips, and then once he’s eaten my lips he’ll eat my face and then he’ll think “why stop there?”

I know, I know – another blog entry about a dream… Two in one week is a little boring, but I can’t shake the image of the gnome. He’s still chasing me in my head, even though I’ve been awake for hours now. I thought it might be cathartic to get it out into the world. Plus, if I’m lucky, maybe he can run around in your heads rather than mine for a few minutes. Because the “me’ inside my head who’s being chased, is getting exhausted…